This is what I'm up to right now. This concept was inspired by Derek Sivers and Benjamin Hardy. [This page was last updated on 12/30/21]

I'm working on a large-scale defi-project called Praise. Super excited about it.

My agency, LaunchTeam, is also growing rapidly.

We do bestselling book launches (for celebrities, founders, and CEOs), product launches, branding, marketing & PR, business development, and more. To engage with us, go to Just know that we can't respond to every inquiry.

Please reach out for speaking engagements. Talk topics include Hiring & Retaining Talent in the Relationship Economy, Maintaining Productivity & Health for High Achievers, Launching Products with Success, Insights on Blockchain & emerging-tech, Harnessing the Millennial Generation, Marketing Trends in 2020, Founder Success & Failure, and Thriving as a Single Founder. If you have other ideas for topics, I'm open to brainstorming.

Want to get in touch? Email me: jesse.tevelow at gmail dot com